We all know

these ‘interesting’ surveillance images out of China. In which traffic videos are analysed in realtime and objects and faces are detected. We wanted to do almost the same, but our intentions might be a little different. Our main goal: create awareness of occupied desks

Using the AIY vision kit we measured the occupation of our workplaces at different moments of the day. We moved the camera to different spots and by week 50 of 2018 we meassured that a whopping 35% of the workplace was occupied. These insights might be useful insights for the expansion of our headquarters.

How it’s made

First of all we trained the AIY camera to detect a workplace (desk + monitor). Within a work ‘area’ we then search for people (faces, body) and other objects, like laptops and screens. When a person enters a workarea the workplace is marked as occupied.


Other possibilities

AI powered camera’s. What else could you do with it? Taking the privacy legislation into the account, the possibilities are still great. You could improve the customer service of a store by analyzing people and visitor flows. Or for blind people, a device that says out loud what is around you and what is happening at that moment. And back to China> The example below shows how shoplifters are identified.


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