With Apple Carplay it is possible to make all kinds of apps that use the dashboard of a car. This allows the user to use the functionalities of the app and the car in a safe and easy way.

As an Apple Carplay developer you can choose from different categories: Audio Apps, Automaker Apps (for car manufacturers), Messaging and VoIP Apps and Navigation Apps. Previously, it was only possible to use Apple Maps when creating Navigation Apps. Since iOS 12 it is also possible to make Carplay apps with Google Maps. It is even possible to control certain functions of the car with Carplay. So you can make an app that adjusts the heating, or the wipers controlled if your car supports this. This then happens in combination with Siri so that you can do this completely hands free.

How? All Carplay functionalities are made available via the Carplay framework. It is possible to write custom code, so you can do different things in the Carplay view. Restrictions have been imposed on the design, however, to ensure that the design of Carplay apps matches each other.

We made a prototype for a Handpicked customer who offers fuel passes. Using JSON gas station GPS data, in combination with the location data of the user, we were able to calculate the distance to this gas station. We will show the 5 nearest petrol stations, and this list will be updated if the user changes location.




We are currently focussing on iOT + Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Conversational systems.
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