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Conversational systems

Conversation as an interface

We are at the start of the conversational interfaces era. You are expected to talk to machines for the rest of your life. These systems use natural language processing, together with other data about us, to anticipate what we need of want.


If you've ever used either Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, or voice-activated input from your car's navigation system, you're familiar with voice interfaces. Slowly you'll notice that you find yourself talking to an increasing number of devices. From the fridge in your home, to the thermostat, or your earplugs and even your car. Conversational interfaces can simulate the conversations a reporter might have with her editor as they go through the facts of a story. The different IBM Watson APIs, including Visual Recognition, AlchemyLanguage, Conversation and Tone Analyzer, can all be used to help reporters with their work.

And now?

The upcoming years the Dutch language will be supported by the various platforms. Thousands of Dutch companies will then connect these platforms to their own products and services. Meanwhile, there is growing research into the use of speech interfaces to help professionals understand the different aspects of a question.

How does this trend affect our customers and Handpicked's activities?

Our customers have to realize that the app is declining and thinking about how they want to integrate their products and services in a controlled way in devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We would like to think about this during a creative brainstorming session. We have already done so successfully with, for example, Perfetti van Melle, Paaspop and This led to award winning innovative applications!

Our Handpicked companies specialize in Conversational Systems. They gain knowledge of the various applications and platforms. They devise useful applications for our customers.