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Immersive Experiences

The age of XR

Virtual and Augmented Reality have been on humanity’s bucketlist for almost a hundred years before we were able to start crossing something off.
After many failed VR-attempts, two guys managed to put together the Oculus Rift, a viable ‘Head Mounted Display’ that would spark a new era in design and development not unlike the release of the first smartphone.

We call this development the ‘Age of XR’, where the ‘X’ stands for Cross or Extended, meaning it will expand beyond Virtual and Augmented Reality at some point.

The state of XR

While the ‘Virtual’ Reality managed to get a ball rolling, we were able to enjoy marker-based Augmented Reality for a while already, much like the games on a Nintendo 3DS or some smartphone apps that require you to draw or print a marker.

Enter 2018: Every new smartphone being produced is equipped with world-understanding AR-technology and will slowly become a new standard in the way we use apps and real-world appliances.

These applications enrich our understanding of the world around us, or immerse us in situations we wouldn’t otherwise be in.
This technology has transformed itself from a platform around gaming and entertainment to a tool used for prototyping, exhibiting, marketing conversions and even teaching and training for various scenarios, like the one we’ve developed for Perfetti Van Melle.


How does this trend affect our customers and Handpicked's activities?

Our customers are starting to realise how powerful these new XR-devices are when there’s a job or project that require a very unique set-up or dataset.
Due to XR being implemented on a global scale, users are excited to find a company working with XR, associating the brand with the medium and consequently making your product more memorable and futureproof.

Our Handpicked companies specialize in developing immersive experiences. They experiment with new ways to interact and learn, while maintaining a high level of engagement. They keep both feet grounded in reality to create meaningful applications while looking at the future through our current XR-devices.