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Internet of Things

50 billion of connected devices by 2020

In recent years everyone has heard of 'Internet of Things', it was praised as the next technical revolution. Every day more and more devices and smart sensors in our homes, offices, schools and cars are talking to each other. They monitor our activities and our environment to automate tasks and to make our lives easier.

These devices and their protocols form the Internet of Things (IoT). In the next few years, billions of connected devices and machines will be connected and online. Fitness trackers, car parts, farm equipment, parking meters, coffee machines and even our pajamas.


How does this trend affect our customers and Handpicked's activities?

Our customers must consider which of their products they want to connect. Handpicked Labs would like to do this together with you during a creative brainstorming session. We have already done so successfully for, for example, Perfetti van Melle, Paaspop and This led to award winning, innovative applications!

Our Handpicked companies specialize in various IoT applications. They gain knowledge of the range, data and energy consumption characteristics of the connectivity techniques. They devise useful applications for our customers.