Handpicked Labs @SXSW 2019

This year a large Handpicked delegation attended SXSW 2019. In these articles we review a number of notable trends during SXSW 2019.

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Ai meets our workplace

With the AIY vision kit, we built a tool that measures which desks are occupied at any given time.

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Machine your voice with Tacotron

In this blog we describe how we created and added a voice to the Smart Medal App of TDE.

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Interactive touchwall

We built an interactive wall using electric / conductive paint. Want to mix your own paint? Or make your own wall?

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A closer look at WebAR

With the public release of iOS12 it is now very easy to see 3D objects in your browser through your camera.

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Big data analysis with

With we predicted the conversion rate of a popular E-commerce platform based on Google Analytics data.


Teaching a machine to write

Using machine learning and Natural Language Processing we created unique automated copy for (and it was nominated for the SpinAwards)


Shampoo bottle predictions

Can we predict when your shampoo bottle is going to be empty? And how can we make use of pictures you already have: a selfie of yourself. With the JohnBeerens beauty bot all of this is possible! We analyze your hair color, type and more. Try it out for yourself (in Dutch).


Conversational Systems

We build a Proof of Concept to explore the future possibilities of voice-search for


Keynote during E-commerce Live

We had a HUGE audience during our keynote @EMERCE E-commerce Live. More about the future of E-commerce (in Dutch).


Gen Z. Who are you?

We explored the possibilities of Augmented Reality for generation Z. More soon!


First ever Dutch festival chatbot

For Paaspop we developed the 'Paasbot' Facebook Messenger bot. The first ever Dutch festival chatbot! Play artist tinder and get useful festival information about the festival (oh and it was also nominated for the DIA-awards)


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