Handpicked labs VISITED SXSW2019

This year a large Handpicked delegation attended SXSW 2019. One of the biggest tech events in Austin, Texas. In these articles we review a number of notable trends during SXSW 2019.

7 Notable SXSW 2019 notable trends

In conclusion, there’s a big convergence happening between industries and technology. In just one year the fear for AI has transformed into something much better. The industry is putting a lot more thought and attention into regulating and using AI for good.

Thanks Austin and SXSW, you were great again this year!

“Yes, and”? Our minds filled with inspiration, we are back in the Netherlands, and we are already applying the first learnings. Each Handpicked label will report their findings individually, so to be continued. Stay tuned for more updates!