Where has the fear for AI gone?

— AI is coming, and we’re all gonna die —  In 2018 a large part of the talks were devoted to this idea. Encouraged by Elon Musk who gave a clear warning for AI.

The fear for AI was hardly talked about in the talks we attended this year. More and more examples of well-applied AI appear, such as Arterys. Arterys analyzes medical photos for certain disorders and in some cases can reduce the time for diagnosis from 45 minutes down to 15 seconds.

Passive AI and Active AI

We also saw two forms of artificial intelligence. Passive AI and Active AI.

Passive AI has been used for years, but is never called that. It refers to the types of machine learning that does not take control but that offers a lot of value.

For example, auto-complete in Google or the personal recommendations in Netflix.

Active AI has recently been used. After you give it the assignment, it will perform an assignment assertively. Think of Google Duplex, which calls a hair salon to make an appointment, or self-driving cars.

In 2018 the fear of AI was felt by the visitors. Has the organization of SXSW taken this into account when selecting the talks or has so much changed in a year that the fear has disappeared?