Privacy is dead. One of the key cluster trends of Amy Webb's presentation: Emerging Tech Trends report 2019. More and more, personal and privacy sensitive features are being used in tech. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Whether it’s how hard we press on our mobile phone screens, our faces as we cross an intersection, our genetic matches with distant relatives, our conversations in the kitchen or even the associations we keep, we are now being continually monitored. Just by virtue of being alive in 2019, you are generating data—both intentionally and unwittingly—that is mined, refined, productized and monetized. We no longer have an expectation of total privacy. At least not like we’ve known it before.

What can companies do with this? One of the trends from the inspiring presentation of Fjord involves embracing “data minimalism”.

What data does a company need for its service and why? Only collect the data that is really needed for business objectives and embrace "data minimalism."

Amy Webb's talk is on Youtube