Your house is way smarter than you think it is.

In addition to smart lamps and thermostats, items that we have been using for a number of years, we are also seeing other connected devices appearing recently. This smart toilet appeared on CES and Amazon recently announced a microwave. Devices that you can talk to and do not necessarily need a smartphone. (The prediction is that by 2021 you will be half of the communication with machines with your voice). All to make life more efficient

But: All these devices log small pieces of information. Your entire house will become one large data generator that can be interpreted via AI. Handy for Amazon, because in addition to selling popcorn, they now also know when and how often you actually consume it.

Amazon has entered into a partnership with Lennar, one of the largest American home developers with which complete connected housing blocks / data generators are put away.

Whether this is a sensible development? Amy Webb is not that positive. Is it going to be that your garage door is blocking because your house thinks you should go to work?

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