There’s too many R’s

In a talk with Adobe's and Facebook's Heads of Immersive Experiences ("Immersive tech: Hold on, things are getting real"), the great variance in "realities" is discussed. Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality, Xtended Reality.

The newest R? Synthetic Reality. A cross between AI and Mixed reality. A while ago you saw Obama say phrases in a fake video, nowadays there are non-existent Instagram models such as "Lil Miquela", which has 1.5M followers on Instagram.

And then of course there is Holograms, Digital Twin and 180/360 degree video experiences.

In short: There are too many Rs. The common denominator? "Immersive Technology". And that is not really about what is happening on a screen, but in your head. So focus on the story and not on the technology. In the near future, according to Adobe and Facebook, it will become increasingly easier to put content on 1 platform and to distribute it to multiple "realities". The current systems are not yet mature.

What will be published soon: the Oculus Quest. This portable VR headset, which does not require a separate computer, is already called the "Nintendo Switch" of the VRT headsets. The Hololens 2 will also be released, which will focus on 80% of the labor market. Those who don't sit behind a desk.

We are very curious about the Immersive Technological developments in the near future, where 2018 was mainly AR, and with the arrival of new technologies and platforms, VR also seems to become more popular again.

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