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Welcome in our Lab, where we bring new technologies closer and make it tangible. We research, experiment, develop and test with new technology. New opportunities become visible and innovations become concrete.

Currently, we're working on Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Systems - related projects. Samet and Sjoerd do this with a flexible team of Handpicked professionals and students in Breda and Eindhoven. We have intensive collaboration with universities such as Avans and Fontys.

We are part of a family of specialised agencies >  Bluebird DayBoldly, E-sitesFingerspitz, TDE & Weekend Creative Agency.



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Interested in working with or at (apply here) Handpicked labs? We are currently focussing on iOT + Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Conversational systems


iOT + Robotics

Explore iOT and Robotics.  
Man - machine.

Artificial Intelligence

Computers will outsmarten you.
Here's why

Conversational systems

2018 is the beginning of the end of the Smartphone ERA. Aaaaand it's gone 

Immersive Experiences

Cross Reality (XR) will change the  way we interact with the world around us.
Here's why


Handpicked Labs @SXSW 2019

This year a large Handpicked delegation attended SXSW 2019. In these articles we review a number of notable trends during SXSW 2019

Read ahead 👉

Ai meets our workplace

With the AIY vision kit, we built a tool that measures which desks are occupied at any given time.

Want to know more? Read ahead 👉

Machine your voice with Tacotron

In this blog we describe how we created and added a voice to the Smart Medal App of TDE.

Read more about it

Interactive touchwall

We built an interactive wall using electric / conductive paint. Want to mix your own paint? Or make your own wall?

Check out our article about it

A closer look at WebAR

With the public release of iOS12 it is now very easy to see 3D objects in your browser through your camera.

Want to know more? Read ahead 👉


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always looking for something new.

At Handpicked labs we are always looking for innovative new software, products and ideas. Do you have an idea or just want to share something?
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