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Artificial Intelligence

The 3rd era of computing

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. In relatively 'simple' everyday things like Traction Control in your car to personalized Spotify playlists. We are headed towards a phase where AI integrates far into our lives. Generation X, Y, Z? According to AI-interested people, we live in Generation T. The transition era.

The end of the smartphone

In the next ten years, we will slowly move on to the next era of computers and connected devices. Which we will wear and command with the help of our voice, gesture and touch. The transition from smartphones to smart wearables and invisible interfaces-earbuds with biometric sensors and loudspeakers. Bracelets that perceive movement; A smart pair of glasses that records and displays information. These developments will forever change the way we experience the physical world. This does not mean that screens will disappear. We anticipate folding and scrollable screens for portable reading and writing in a longer form.

So how does this trend affect our customers and Handpicked's activities?

Our customers have to realize that communication usually goes between bots and digital assistants. Because of Natural Language processing this takes place in a very natural way. Through these new devices, information reaches consumers in a different way. Apps of the future will be vastly different than those of today. With Machine learning, software can take paths that are not necessarily programmed.

We would like to explore this together with you during a creative brainstorming session. We have already done so successfully for, for example, Perfetti van Melle, Paaspop and This led to award winning innovative applications!

Our Handpicked companies specialize in the Artificial Intelligence. They learn about Machine Learning and the various tools that are available. They devise useful applications for our customers.