Handpicked agencies Digital Twin Cafe


In the February edition of the WIRED magazine "Mirrorworld" a world was described in which everything has a Digital Twin and as much data as possible is measured. “Eventually, everything will have a Digital Twin. This is happening faster than you may think.” After all, data is the new oil.

Digital twin is the phrase used to describe a computerized (or digital) version of a physical asset and/or process. The digital twin contains one or more sensors that collects data to represent real-time information about the physical asset.

So Handpicked Labs started working on a Digital Twin. With this twin we want our clients to experience what can be measured and what this data means. For this we used the new (yet to be built) Handpicked cafe as a space and starting point. During his graduation, our intern Vincent did research on the different IoT solutions and ways to visualise this data.


We made use of the following sensors.

Motion sensor
Magnetic field sensor
Air quality sensor
Temperature sensor
Air pressure sensor
Air humidity sensor
Light sensor
Accelerometer (ICM-42605)
Google AIY Vision Kit

The digital twin will be launched Q4 2019, when our new office is opened.

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Sjoerd van Oosten